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Cosmelan® for depigmentation


At Skin Radiance Clinic, due to the nature of this treatment and having to leave a thick brown mask on anywhere from 8-12 hours (dependant on your skin tone and pigmentation concern) we offer a convenient option of being treated in the comfort of your own home, the perfect option for anyone who would prefer not to be seen with the treatment mask on in public.

Cosmelan® Basic In Home Program $1450

Cosmelan® Elite In Home Program $1850

The Cosmelan treatment is also performed at our Cosmelan clinic in Mosman. We are located in a beautiful area hidden from the public eye, so you don't need to be concerned when leaving our clinic about walking through a busy shopping mall.

Pricing options are as follows & details of inclusions are found below;

Cosmelan® Deluxe In Clinic Program $1399

Cosmelan® Basic In Clinic Program $1299

Cosmelan® Retreat Program $799

Our Cosmelan® programs are customised to your skin type, colour and the extent of your pigmentation. We focus heavily on education and VIP aftercare service post treatment day to ensure your ongoing maintenance will provide the best outcome and give you the best advice for long term results.

ALL treatment programs include:

- Phone or In clinic Consultation

- Application of the peel In Home or In Clinic

- Home care pack of the following products;

Hydracream Fusion Cleanser
Hydratonic Mist
Melan Recovery Moisturier
Melan 130 Pigment Control Sunscreen
Hydravital Factor K Moisturiser
Hydravital Hydrating Mask
Cosmelan 2 Home Maintenance Cream.

In addition, we provide a complimentary professional healing mask to use on Day 3 after your treatment peel to amplify the healing process.

The Elite Package includes everything above plus the Omnilux Contour LED mask to assist in healing your skin as soon as possible and the perfect Anti Aging device to use ongoing to assist in pigmentation control and collagen and elastin stimulation. To read more about Omnilux just click the tab in the menu bar.

The Deluxe In Clinic Package includes everything listed above plus a 30min LED Facial In Clinic on day 3 post peel to assist in healing and hydration.

The Retreat Package is for clients who have already had a Cosmelan Professional Peel however this package does not include all home care products listed above as it is presumed as a previous peel / Cosmelan 2 user, you would still have several products on hand. This treatment requires a phone consultation prior & starts at $799.



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An initial phone consultation is recommended to provide education and discuss your options or alternatively click the MORE INFO button below and watch the video and read all about Cosmelan to see if you are the right candidate.

Recommended Plan
Phase 1: Treatment Day involves an indepth discussion about what to expect in the coming days (30-40mins depending on how many questions you may have) and then the application of a thick brown mask which takes approx 20 minutes. You will go home with the mask on or if you prefer to treat at home just book the AT HOME option. It is recommended to book a morning appointment as you can not fall asleep with this mask on your face.

Phase 2: The start of phase 2 starts on Day 4 after the professional peel and consists of a 8 week program of using the Cosmelan 2 home maintenance cream morning and night, which is critical to the success of the treatment.

Phase 3: The start of phase 3 is when we reduce our Cosmelan 2 home maintenance cream to night application only as long as your reduction is where you wish it to be, we continue this for a 6 month period. Skin Radiance Clinic will recommend certain products to add into your morning routine however they are optional.

Phase 4
: Our maintenance phase, we recommend using Cosmelan 2 ongoing approximately 3-4 times per week to maintain your results. Please note there is nothing in Cosmelan 2 which is harmful to you or your skin so you can continue to use as needed.

Downtime / Aftercare
Day 1-2: expect redness, heat, tightness and potential swelling. Everyone is different though so you may experience some or all.

Day 3-7: peeling will start around this time and may last 5-7 days. Most clients peeling is over by day 4/5 after the Cosmelan peel. It is very important to not bring heat to your face for the initial 5-7 days, do not pick, rub or exfoliate the skin. The skin needs to shed naturally and picking can lead to post inflammatory pigmentation so just follow your clinicians advice. You also are provided with moisturisers and hydrating masks to use to assist in the peeling and flaking skin.

Most activities like exercising and makeup can be resumed after day 5.

Initial results will appear 2-3 weeks post treatment day. Significant improvement in pigmentation will be seen as well as improved skin texture and overall brightness of your skin. We then need to work on regulating those pigment cells to further reduce and maintain the results achieved. Be patient this is a program not a quick fix solution.


Cosmelan® is the leading depigmentation treatment worldwide and designed to reduce pigmentation overproduction caused by sun exposure, post inflammatory pigment from acne, injury or laser treatments and stubborn hormonal melasma.

The perfect thing about this treatment program is the suitability for all skin types and skin colours.

Cosmelan depigmentation peels were introduced into Australia around 1990 and is manufactured in Spain. It was specially created and produced to treat a darker / olive complexion with melasma and pigmentation concerns. With the phenomenal results achieved on a olive / melasma prone skin, the beauty industry then researched and confirmed its successful treatment for all skin types from all nationalities and all pigmentation. Now one of the most popular and results driven depigmentation peels used across the globe, Cosmelan is the first and only choice for reducing stubborn pigmentation.

The Cosmelan peel is broken down into 4 phases, as detailed above. The first phase of the program is the professional peel which removes the majority of superficial pigmentation, the pigment we can see now and initial results are usually seen between that 2-3 week mark. Reduction is quite extraordinary with a clearer complexion and skin texture to match!

We then move into phase 2 which is using the Cosmelan 2 home depigmenation cream. This cream helps to further reduce pigmentation as it comes to the surface but more importantly Cosmelan 2 assist in regulating the pigment cells which are overproducing pigment in the first place.

There is some downtime with the Cosmelan treatment program. You may have redness, swelling, heat and be flakey or itchy in the initial 3-7 days and for a few weeks post treatment a little dry and flakey as your skin becomes accustom to Cosmelan 2 but the results achieved will be so worth it!

We are realists and always say this is a reduction treatment. Our before and afters are great examples of our real results, with no filters or touch-ups and are quite phenomenal with what can be achieved. Please take into account though, if you do not use your prescribed home care, forget to apply regular sunscreen or expose your skin regularly to the sun, this treatment is not suitable for you as results will be limited..