How Light Wavelengths Positively Affect Your Skin

How Light Wavelengths Positively Affect Your Skin

  • Linda Rankins

Many individuals choose Omnilux LED light therapy as a follow-up to our Cosmelan peel, but this effective skin treatment works well on its own, too. Omnilux masks come in different designs depending on the skin problem treated.

Whether you want plumper skin or to treat acne, the LED lights emit light onto your skin that helps treat the issue. The color of light denotes the wavelength of light used.
Cell components absorb wavelengths from various light photons and set off cascading biochemical reactions. Using LED light therapy provides a completely safe and non-invasive way to treat skin conditions including acne, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, and skin pigmentation issues.

Three Wavelength Colors
Depending on the wavelength of the device, the light emitted appears a different color. Here’s a quick guide of what each of those colors targets:

Near-infrared light – targets deeper in the skin than red or blue, reaching fibroblast cells that stimulate elastin and collagen growth. This results in skin that looks more youthful. The process actually plumps and firms the skin.

Red light - targets pigmentation issues, including redness/ruddiness and skin inflammation. This wavelength improves circulation and cellular repair.

Blue light – improves acne by neutralizing the bacteria that cause its inflammation and redness.

A Range of Devices
There’s no one Omnilux. The company created two options for face masks, one for neck and decolletage, and one for hands, worn as a glove.

These advanced devices aren’t designed for at-home use. They require a dermatologist or aesthetician to apply them and time their use. These professionals receive specific training on the use of the devices directly from the Omnilux company.

Best Results
Used in conjunction with our Cosmelan peel, you can achieve the best results for turning back the clock on your skin. The use of Omnilux LED light therapy after the chemical peel enhances its effects and helps create a longer-lasting effect from the peel. This can help you extend the time needed between peels to maintain the effects.

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Let Skin Radiance Clinic help you achieve clearer skin, younger skin, or more evenly toned skin. Whether you choose to use a Cosmelan peel, Omnilux LED light therapy or both, we can help you have better skin. You can see the difference after just one treatment, but for best results, visit us regularly. You can use light therapy two to three times per week. Come see us today and start this non-invasive treatment that can make a lasting difference in your skin.