• Linda Rankins

You've done your research and viewed some amazing before and afters but does Cosmelan really work and more importantly, do the results last?

How does Cosmelan work?

When I first heard of Cosmelan I thought it was too good to be true. The before and afters I was seeing online were nothing less then extraordinary. Suffering from freckles and pigmentation issues all my life, I had tried everything, from needling, to lasers, fraxel and even bleaching creams such as Hydroquinone, but nothing seemed to work or last.

Being in the beauty industry for the last 14+ years, I had researched and studied the hows, whys and whats of pigmentation and it all came down to the same thing.... people were getting initial results but within a month or two the pigmentation would just return.

This is when I heard about Cosmelan and I read article after article and how it treats not just the surface but the cause of the pigmentation overproduction.

This was a game changer, so I decided to do the treatment myself.

Why is Cosmelan different?

To cut out the scientific mambo jumbo and explain it in layman's terms, the main difference with Cosmelan is that its active ingredients actually help to "fix the problem" by working on regulating the melanocyte cells or pigment cells from over producing melanin, causing the hyperpigmentation or freckles, melasma etc in the first place.
When we look at laser, fraxels etc its all working on the surface, the pigmentation we can see so it may look like there has been a reduction in hyperpigmentation but weeks or months down the track it rebounds, and in darker skin tones, it can actually can cause Post Inflammatory Pigmentation and come back worse and/or darker then the person originally had.
As with the professional Cosmelan treatment peel, it is only one part of the process. It works on the surface pigmentation and results are quick, providing a brighter, clearer and more refined skin texture however, if you do not continue with the Cosmelan program and use Cosmelan 2 Home Maintenance cream for the coming weeks and months then the pigmentation will also return and this is where most people get it wrong as they stop using it or don't use it at all after the treatment peel.

You must use the home maintenance cream and follow the program to see true, long term results.
I like to think of Cosmelan 2 as a miracle serum/cream which not only regulates the over production of pigment and gives me a clearer more even skin tone, but also assist in reducing my fine lines and wrinkles as it includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C and several brighteners to really make my skin glow.

And the professional peel... well, its is a bit full on and you do need to allocate a good 3-5 days downtime but the skin tightening and toning I received as well as a clearer more even complexion are just an added bonus!

In Summary

If you are looking at Cosmelan, you need to commit to the program, the professional peel and then the home maintenance phase which realistically is the most important phase as it is Cosmelan 2 which actually does the hard work by regulating the over producing melanocyte cells and dissolving the pigmentation as it comes to the surface.
The pigmentation that is showing on your face has taken years to develop so you need to give Cosmelan time to work its magic but it is, for me, the only treatment out there that truly does work.

As you can see with the image above, from starting point (top left picture) to 3 months after the professional treatment and at home program, the reduction achieve really is extraordinary and the results have maintained and improved as time goes on.

If you follow the instruction provided by your Skin Radiance Clinic professional and understand that its a program not a quick fix then you should definitely achieve a fantastic, long term result with Cosmelan